Tuesday, September 7, 2010

BC Environmental Assessment Office-Melvin Creek Valley/Cayoosh Ski Resort Proposal Still Under Review

Photo Courtesy of Will Koop

Recently an email was sent to the BC Environmental Assessment Office to request the status of the Certificate granted to NGR Consultants in 2005 to build a Ski Resort in the Melvin Creek Valley/Cayoosh mountain range.

Despite stiff opposition to this project from First Nations peoples who live in the areas around the proposed project, and the establishment of a settlement in the Sutikalh, the BC Government has arbitrarily suspended the 5 year time limit on the Certificate for an indefinite period of time.

The BC Environmental Assessment Office stated in the email below that the project is currently under review, and the BC Government is planning public discussions about the project in the affected communities during the fall and winter of 2010.

This indicates that it is even more important now for all those concerned about this project to speak about your objections to this decision, and to voice your concerns for the pristine environment we are trying to protect from this kind of development. The Government of BC is attempting to steal this land owned by the St'at'imc Nation, and give it to NGR Consultants and their investors, to build a ski resort that nobody wants.

The document below shows the email request to the BC Environmental Assessment Office.
Certificate Extension

Take action now and express your concerns directly to Barry Penner env.minister@gov.bc.ca And by all means, leave your comments below and voice your concerns on this blog.

Find your local BC MLA and email them or write them expressing your concerns.

Here are some links to more information about the history of the proposed project.

Chronology Of Government Records, Newspaper Articles, Meetings, For Cayoosh Development Proposal on the SPEC website authored by Will Koop.

BC Environmental Assessment Office-Cayoosh


  1. I've been following this blog for quite a while, and it doesn't surprise me that Al Raine and "Senator"(?) Nancy Greene are still trying to build this so-called resort on Statlium land.
    The fact that the BC government have sat on their hands for 5 years to "consult" with First Nations people about an extension on a certificate that was granted in 2000, is typical of gov. They are determined to steal this land and wipe out the Grizzly Bear, Mountain Goat and other species of life that live there. The reality of this project is this: When first granted, the resort was estimated to cost 500 million$. Here we are 10 years later (five years after the certificate should have expired,) with not a shovel of dirt being removed from the "site" to date, and the cost now risen to at least 1.5 billion$. In this climate of world economic uncertainty with countries going down the tubes and stock markets tumbling, one would think that another ski resort only 35 kilometres from Whistler is ludicrous. Especially since there are more "for sale" signs in Whistler than ever before because the expensive life style and high tax regime is not as popular or affordable anymore and in decline. I am certain that there are no people willing to invest in this impossible and speculative venture. I'm also certain that "Senator" Greene is pulling strings to delay the final decision until the next generation of First Nations people affected are grown up and more "compliant" with this "pie in the sky" venture.
    Both parties, Greene and BC Gov. have made a serious miscalculation. The Statlium people and their nation will never allow this project to begin. It is time for us to tell the Gov. that enough is enough, and just go away and leave these people and their ancestral lands alone. Write B. Penner (Min. of Environment, BC) and tell him so today!

  2. No resorts on any native land. It belongs to them, not us.

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  4. I seems that every time the government wants to pull the wool over our eyes someone slips up and shows what they are trying to do the people of the land... They lie and it catches up on them, they steal and it catches up on them when will they ever learn... did they not listen to their mothers and fathers... In the eyes of the St'at'imc there will be no skiing in Sutikalh. Not now, not ever... being a road blocker is in my blood... if this is what I have to do to save our lands from destruction from developers, Like Nancy and Al Greene Raine, then that is what I will do, they did not discover our mountians, we have been using them for generations... the fact that we do not leave tell tale signs does not mean we are not using them... for hunting, berry picking, gathering Medicines, Spiritual reasons... We the St'at'imc are protecting our lands using our own laws handed down for generations... so for the government saying they are waiting for the next generation to develop they are greatly mistaking...My sisters ashes lie in the valleys high in the mountians of Sutikalh... I would like to meet with Nancy and Al Greene Raine. I am only one of many... Developers take notice there will be no ski resort in Sutikalh known to you as Melvin Creek Rosalin Sam

  5. Good work, and thank you for doing this. If some people have their way BC will end up nothing but golf courses and ski resorts from the Pacific to the Rockies.

  6. I really don't understand why people still want to destroy forest when you are obvious to leave a big impact- which you can not take it back later, on the every living creature, which mean, nature, us including Nancy green ish people, and the mother earth.

    The next generation is waiting for us. It's different from the one now.
    We can not ruin our planet anymore like we used to do!


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